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Zolzaya Enkhtur
Senior Projects Officer, Ulaanbaatar Environmental Department


Ms.Zolzaya Enkhtur has completed her Master’s in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management in Taiwan. She has been working closely with international organizations since 2008 on multiple environmental projects and specialized in sustainable development. Her current role in Ulaanbaatar Environmental Department is to expand cooperation opportunities with international organizations to meet the commitments of Green Development Strategic Plan 2020 of Ulaanbaatar city. The city has been an engine of innovation, job creation and economic development, being at the center of Mongolia’s economic growth and responsible for over 60% of national Gross Domestic Product where the half of the total population of the country reside. The rapid rate of urbanization also presents various environmental challenges. The Municipality is committed to address these challenges and develop Ulaanbaatar into a green city, characterized by environmentally sustainable and inclusive economic growth and a safe and healthy living environment for its citizens. Ms.Zolzaya Enkhtur will be presenting the key points of National Green Development policy and Ulaanbaatar city’s Green Development Strategic Plan 2020.