Natural catastrophe beyond human capacity such as Arctic glaciers being melted, sea level rising, desertification being accelerated, flood, drought, earthquake, and tsunamis.

They are the warnings that human lives cannot be sustained on the Earth without efforts for solutions responding to environmental issues. At the same time, they are the strong message that we must find ways for sustainable use of environmental resources.

The World Local Government Summit Forum having been held in Jeju during the IUCN World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012, emphasized that the roles and actions of the world’s local governments have become more important than any other times, to come up with the solutions responding to environmental issues and for conservation of the environment. Accordingly, the world’s local governments strongly supported the establishment of Cyber Environment Network of World Local Governments.

As a future-oriented consultative and advisory body, Cyber Environment Network of World Local Governments (ENCYNET) will actively engage in collaborative efforts on global environmental issues among world local governments, cooperation for sustainable development, and exchange and consultation of environmental policy. We are very confident that the ENCYNET will play an important role for conservation of the world’s environment.

For World Environment ,
For Everyone, Let's go together
The role of the Network
  • It Will Create A Joint Mechanism For World Local Governments To Deal With Global Environmental Problems Through Such Powerful Tools For Generating Ideas As On-Line Forums And Seminars.
  • It will help us work together to search for sustainable development strategies and suggest possible solutions for global environmental issues on the local scale such as visiting to the best model cities in terms of environmental protection at home and abroad and exchanging ideas and practices among local governments.
  • Finally, it will encourage membership holders to conduct long-term joint research and development on environmental programs