Bang-hoon Kim
Distinguished guests
 Ladies and gentlemen
 I'm Kim Bang-hoon, Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs of Jeju Special Self -Governing Province.

 I'd like to express my heartfelt welcome to the members of the Cyber Environment Network of World Local Governments and environment experts who are here, the 4th Cyber Environment Forum.

 To tackle climate change, a common crisis of humanity,
the international community adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 in September last year, and has doubled its collaborative effort.

 To achieve our shared goal and continue sustainable development, local and other subnational governments should play ever more important roles.

 Jeju is taking the lead in achieving the goals of UN at the local level with cleanliness and coexistence as its core values. 
 One of them is the initiative entitled ‘Carbon-Free Island Jeju by 2030’.

 We are charging ahead with the initiative to substitute all existing power sources with renewable energy and replace all automobiles with electric vehicles by 2030.

 Additionally, we presented a framework draft for the Evaluation and Certification System for World Environment Hubs in the 2016 WCC held in this past September, where International organizations, countries, local and regional governments can act together. We are making great changes in the international community.

 These cases will be a good standard for the roles of other local governments.

 I hope this forum will provide an opportunity to share your various experiences and opinions and they will lead to the actual local government policies and practices for sustainable development.

 I am deeply grateful to all of you for your esteemed participation and I wish all of you best of luck and health. 

Thank you.

Bang-hoon Kim

  • Bang-hoon Kim
  • Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs of Jeju Special Self -Governing Province