At a Glance

Date : 2017. 12. 7

Venue : ENCYNET Forum homepage (

  • , from 7st December

Theme : "Eco-Tourism and Ecosystem Service for Raising the Regional Residents' Economic Status"


  • Member Cities, Environmental experts, etc.


(Local time in Korea)
14:00~14:10 Opening Ceremony

Greetings by Vice Governor of Jeju Province,Korea

Seong-tae Jeon

14:10~14:55 Special Speeches

Chairman, Glownet Knowledge Services

Dr Harjit S. Anand

Director, ESP Asia Regional Office

Namue Lee

14:55~15:05 Break
15:05~17:20 Discussion : Presentation of case by member city and discussion

Presentations & Discussions

  • Presentation by Indonesia (North Sumatra Province)
  • Presentation by Vietnam (Haiphong City)
  • Presentation by ChungNam province,Korea
  • Discussion with Panel Experts (Dr.Karki & Dr.Singh)
  • Presentation by China (Sufenhe)
  • Presentation by Malaysia (Langkawi)
  • Presentation by Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar)
  • Presentation by Jeju province,Korea
  • Discussion with Panel Experts (Dr.Karki & Dr.Singh)
  • Closing (Session Chair Youngbae Suh)