Hee-ryong Won
Welcome to the 6th Forum of the Cyber Environmental Network of World Local Governments(ENCYNET).
The ENCYNET Forum is a forum for collecting wisdom to solve global environmental problems at the regional level.
It has been proposed by the 2nd World Conservation Congress(WCC) in 2012 and has grown into a global environmental network in which 10 regions from 7 countries participate.
This year 's ENCYNET Forum will be held on - off - line simultaneously with the 2nd World Leaders’ Conservation Forum.
The theme of this year 's ENCYNET Forum is 'Present State of Ecotourism and Ways for Sustainable Development.' It will be the forum to identify the global trend of ecotourism and to find a future vision for the member countries.
In parallel with the ENCYNET Forum, the 2nd World Leaders’ Conservation Forum is being held. I hope you to participate in the Forum sessions to share the wisdom for a sustainable future presented by global environmental experts.
Jeju is the world's only 'environmentally-friendly treasure island' that is designated by UNESCO as internationally protected zones as it has won a combination of recognitions like Biosphere Reserve, World Natural Heritage, Global Geopark, and Ramsar Wetland. The 2020 International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks will also take place in Jeju.
Jeju is the first eco-tourism zone in Korea and the first in the nation to implement the eco-tourism promotion support ordinance.
I hope that this forum will be a meaningful time to share Jeju's ecological tourism model in which nature and people coexist, and to expand exchange and cooperation among local governments around the world.
I would again like to congratulate the 6th ENCYNET Forum and pray for the sustainable development of member countries.
Thank you very much.

Hee-ryong Won

  • Hee-ryong Won
  • Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province