Won-cheol Park
Hello, Everyone? I am Park Won-cheol, chairperson of the Environment and Urban Affairs Committee of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Council.
I am very pleased to have a place to gather wisdom in the development plan of ecotourism among member cities of ENCYNET by gathering the leaders of 10 regions of China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Congratulations! I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the experts of the member cities who has made difficult steps to Jeju.
The network was established in 2013 to share environmental information on cyberspace to find solutions for environmental problems. We are already about to begin the sixth edition of the forum.
Although the eco-culture and environment in each region are different, we agree that we are stepping forward to continue to pioneer new models of international environmental cooperation.
The interest and affection for ecotourism is very hot. As you know, ecotourism is more about environmental conservation and we need to focus on what we need to do to increase our future value.
That's why we look forward to the same time today as we are looking for ways to grow our potential while communicating and sharing information with local and regional experts.
I hope that today's forum, which discusses the present and sustainable development of ecotourism, will be a stepping stone to meet more valuable and hopeful future.
We look forward to great policies and alternatives, and hope you have a good time. Thank you.

Won-cheol Park

  • Won-cheol Park
  • Chief of Environment&City Committee of Jeju Special Self-Governing provincial Council